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About Us

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About Us


Yost Technologies was started in mid 2013 by a veteran IT professional who was sick of "working for the man". But don't let our age fool you, we have over 18 years building and supporting professional IT systems - so it isn't our "first rodeo"!

Who We Are

We are not just your typical software development shop, we are a full featured technology shop who also writes software. While our primary focus is on custom software development ranging from web, to windows, to mobile, we also can provide your organization many other IT related service. We are never sitting still and always learning and applying new technology - if we weren't then we wouldn't be doing our job.

Our Mission

We realize you have a lot of options when it comes to solving your technology needs but our mission is to provide you the right solution. We desire to play a key role in consulting, developing, installing, training, and supporting you as your technology needs change - because they will! Let us focus on your technology needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Skills
RESTful Services 80%
JavaScript & Sing Page Apps 90%
SQL Databases 85%
Mobile Websites 90%
Windows Applications 70%
Agile and Scrum 95%